9/11 Embassy Attacks.

There is a lot of politicizing going on over the 9/11 embassy attacks. Blame Obama, or blame Romney for blaming Obama. This isn’t a Republican or a Democrat problem. This is much bigger than that. I do believe it is a problem that the United States has made worse, but clearly Obama didn’t start this set of circumstance that we are dealing with. The roots of this problem goes back too far to accurately trace, but this issue ties to two events. One is the 9/11 attacks, and the other is the “cartoon Jihad” of 2005. On one hand, it is valid to ask why, on the anniversary of 9/11 did the US not have more security in at risk areas. It is also fair to say that violent radicals used a larger protest to mask themselves. In regard to the “cartoon jihad”, it is a freedom of speech issue. This should be open and shut. We need not apologize for freedom of speech. We respect freedom of religion, but part of that is respecting my right not to follow the beliefs of a religion. However, in practice the United States has taken an apologetic tone when radicals get stirred up on not only unflattering depictions of Islam, but any depiction of Mohammad. Rather than either ignore it, or assert the rights of freedom of speech, they tend to capitulate.

I wrote something immediately after news broke of the attacks on the Egyptian embassy. It was a personal communication, that was alluding to other things as well so I can only provide a few snippets. But, I think it is interesting to see my immediate reaction, prior to news of anyone being killed and contrast that with the approach to this issue the United States had:

“… here’s a quote (from someone tied to the Egyptian embassy attack):
“This movie must be banned immediately and an apology should be made”
This is what happens when you reward their zealotry. They really think they have a right to demand how our movies should be made.

… (US embassy tweet) “We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others,”
Really, what the fuck does that mean? It sounds like capitulation.

I had a wife abusing, drug addict, drunk, felon living next to me… I had his father-in-law, someone he’s beaten up, someone whose daughter he choked until she was unconscious, actually tell me not to look him in the eye.

That’s exactly what this sounds like. Just don’t look them in the eye.”

Islamists have the idea in their head that they control freedom of speech in America. This is because they do! They were even able to censor shows like South Park. They were able to censor the American media as a whole. They have decided that the world should follow their interpretation of Islam. If they say you can’t do something, we can’t do it. The level of capitulation to their demands is astounding. Facebook has deleted pages, countries have apologized, news outlets usually willing to print anything have refused to depict Mohammed. What the radicals could not get via sheer intimidation, they achieved through violence and other means. Websites not taken down by their hosts, have been hacked. People have been attacked. What we must understand is that we are facing bullies! The only way to defend our rights and our freedoms is to stop apologizing and start standing up! How is it that a bully is able intimidate people who vastly outnumber him? He is able, because on an individual basis they capitulate. If they collectively stood up to him? He would be powerless.

We are empowering Islamists in regard to depriving us of our freedom of speech. If we take a stand, will it end violence over there? Of course it will not. But, it will uphold our rights, and it will take away one of their false pretenses for taking actions against the West.

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