I was asleep. Worked all night the day before. My sister called me, and told me to turn on the tv. She sounded very upset, sad and shocked.
I still can’t believe what I saw on tv. It still seems like a bad dream. Or watching a movie.
Right after the second plane crashed into WTC it was clear that it’s not just an accident.
My first thought was: damn, I prolly can’t take my flight in 3 weeks now… but real soon the thought changed to: Pooh… it wasn’t me.. it wasn’t my flight!

I watched like 5 tv channels from 3 different countries at the same time. Usually if something important happens in the world you get a million different views and opinions.. but this time they all agreed: This bullshit has to be repayed!

I’m glad and kinda proud that the german government immediatly said that they will help the States.. no matter what it takes.

I wanna dedicate this post to the afghan guy that works at our canteen. He came to work this morning his eyes cried out. He’s shocked like all of us. He’s afraid that he has to take the blame too, just because he was born in Afghanistan and has a different skin color. But most of all he’s ashamed. REAL ashamed of his fellow citizens.

I’m worried. Scared, that obviously fucked up bullshit like this can happen everywhere and any time.

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