4x 300-foot (100-meter) in about one minute and four seconds – World Record!!

… if you are wearing 3-inch (7.5 centimeter) stilettos …

SYDNEY (AP) – Four Australian women have nabbed the world record for the fastest relay race in stiletto heels.

The quartet from the Australian capital of Canberra completed a 300-foot (100-meter) course near Sydney’s Opera House in about one minute and four seconds on Tuesday — while wearing 3-inch (7.5 centimeter) stilettos.

A record keeper from Guinness World Records confirmed the women had set the record and presented them with a certificate.

The women — known as the Pinkettes — say they plan to use their 10,000 Australian dollar ($9,600) prize for a trip to Thailand.

About 100 women — and one man — competed in the race, which helped raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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