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I got sucked into a bit of an internet phenomenon when I stumbled on a Fatwallet.com thread touting a $84 tablet. Now, you had to be lucky, have a coupon and be willing to say you were in the military to get it that cheap, but despite a heavy advertising campaign with celebrities and touting a $399 price tag, HP decided to drop the 16GB Touchpad to a well below cost $100. 

The price was so absurd that as a retailer dropped the price they sold out almost instantly. After a sleepless night of chasing deals, I got a Touchpad, and sauntered off to Walmart to pick it up. Apparently even this out of the way location was not immune to the fervor, and they stated they only had three but had been inundated (ok, they didn’t use that word) with requests.

The topic on Slickdeals is nearing 5 million views in under 48 hours, and is past 15,000 replies. This isn’t just just hype though, this is a nice little device, well worth double what I paid. The Wordpress app isn’t bad either, although I won’t be troubled to add links, or much else for that matter. I’m kind of regretting not paying $50 more and getting the 32GB, but if I see it again I might get a second. It’s no iPad, but at this price it’s cheaper than a digital photo frame.

I hear Best Buy decided not to send all units back, and is going to be selling them at the new price point. If you happen upon one for under $200, it’s well worth it, even if typing on it annoys me.

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  1. pyro42
    Posted October 11, 2011 at 11:33 pm Permalink

    how’s the touchpad holding up? i missed most of the rush due to being out of town, but managed to get an order in to HP on the 22nd. the order, i am told, will be filled within the next 2 weeks.. nearly 2 months after i placed it. the cyanogenmod7 port seems to be going very well, so i can only hope that it’s released around the time i get my touchpad.

  2. Posted October 14, 2011 at 5:42 pm Permalink

    Actually, it’s not holding up all that well. I was reading about these tiny cracks that appear near the speakers and decided to check mine. It has them to. I baby my electronics, and I’m not very happy to see this occur. These tiny cracks are coming from the right and left of each speaker. The interior ones are vertical and one made it to the screen and is loose and sticking out a bit now. The other cracks go right and left respectively and I’m not sure when or where they’ll stop. I’m afraid they either keep going or make their way up and a piece of plastic ends up falling off.

    I’m not sure if this is more than a cosmetic issue, but it’s highly irritating as if this crack didn’t already exist prior to shipping (a possibility given that the USB charger came damaged) only a modest amount of pressure could cause these cracks. In other words, the act of holding the device might be enough to crack the plastic around the speakers as it’s basically just a hole they cut out thing plastic with no housing to strengthen it.

    So, I have to figure out how best to resolve this as a return is out of the question and last time I talked to support I had a nice lady that not only could barely speak English but had a habit of repeating what I said in a completely jumbled up manner (she’d switch letters around and stuff).

    Having said that, was it worth $100, even in it’s current state? Absolutely. However, people that bought this full price or anything over $200 are either unhappy now or will probably be in the future. While a port seems promising, it’s not likely to work as well as a fully supported device and the WebOS app store still thinks it’s September and probably will for as long as it continues to exist.

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